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The two-seat R44 Cadet is a versatile helicopter ideally suited for flight schools and operators that want the economy of a small helicopter without sacrificing the power and performance of a large helicopter.

The Cadet has the same airframe, rotor system and Lycoming O-540 engine as the proven R44 Raven I. The differences are the Cadet’s aft compartment has been reconfigured for cargo, the maximum gross weight is reduced to 2200 lb and the engine power is derated to 210 take-off and 185 continuous. The lower weight and derated power provide increased performance margins at high altitudes and lengthen the time between overhaul to 2400 hours.

Cadets feature the latest in Robinson technology including streamlined instrument panels and crashworthy bladder fuel tanks.

cadet_brochure (1).jpg
cadet_brochure 2 (1).jpg

Download a high quality version of the brochure by clicking the PDF logo below.

Contact us today for more information on purchasing a R44 Cadet or click the R44 Cadet info button to go to Robinson Helicopter website.

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